Primary objective for E.T.L. Moçambique LDA is to satisfy Client’s needs, in order to get high level of effectiveness and efficiency of the processes in each phase of the project and to meet the Client expectations.

E.T.L. Moçambique LDA achieves such an objective through the implementation of his Quality Management System, in compliance with ISO 9001, based on the following strategic guidelines highlighted in the Quality Policy:

  • Achieving complete Customer Satisfaction and market success through both the observance of the relevant quality, time and cost requirements for the contracted services and the collection and analysis of feedback information;
  • Achieving Shareholders’ satisfaction through the implementation of the Quality Management System and work processes continual improvement plans by means of a process approach, in accordance with established improvement objectives and monitoring indicators, in order to guarantee process effectiveness and efficiency aiming at businesses profitability;
  • Achieving the full involvement of all personnel, also by means of proper training activities, in order to ensure that each person is aware of the relevance and importance of his/her own activities, and how they contribute to the achievement of quality objectives;
  • Implementation of audits and collection of lesson learnt, to guarantee that best practices circulate among E.T.L. Moçambique LDA aiming for excellence achievement;
  • Achieving a mutually beneficial relationship between E.T.L. Moçambique LDA and vendors, enhancing the ability of both to create value and to address customer expectations.